Join us in a series of talks and get to know us

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Jakob Šušterič & Tomo Krivc

10 years of Simplifying Diagnostics
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Jaka Strel & Matic Verbančič

Dr. Jaka Strel, MD and Head of Product Management
Clinical input contributing to innovations
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Nina Linnitt & Andy Holman

Clinical Manager and Business Development Manager at medi UK
Industry partnership improves patient care
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Matthew Cowlishaw

Regional Sales Manager at EBOS Healthcare
Impact of MESI technology on Australian medical practices

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On the mission ...

group photo of MESI employees

... to simplify diagnostics and help discover diseases earlier

Working in healthcare, especially developing devices that improve and facilitate the work of healthcare professionals, gives value to our personal purpose.

We strive to empower first-contact care to diagnose diseases early and therefore provide on-time and successful treatment, preventing serious consequences.

MESI ABPI MD is used for the early detection of Peripheral Arterial Disease. Each measurement takes 1 minute, is accurate, completely simultaneous, and totally automatic.

The MESI mTABLET is a comprehensive system of top-notch diagnostic modules, patient records and medical apps, all in one system.